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The guy sneaks for the Cole’s place, merely to come across your stepping into intercourse that have a blonde woman

The guy sneaks for the Cole’s place, merely to come across your stepping into intercourse that have a blonde woman

Dexter and you may Lumen return to Boyd’s household to remove all research from this lady exposure. She fears entering the attic where she try tied for 2 days. She relates to just how she chewed into line day long until she freed by herself, merely to get a hold of your destroy Boyd.

In route aside, Dexter holds Boyd’s wallet and plants they from inside the Cole’s pickup. Throughout the next sweep, Masuka finds out it. The brand new homicide people discusses Boyd’s family and so they find 12 numbered hair away from tresses, a big barrel, jumper wiring, and loft where in actuality the female was remaining before are murdered. Instantly, Boyd will get the fresh best think throughout the « Barrel Women Case. »

Once again within station, Cole and Michael jordan deny one to Boyd is actually a friend, but a beneficial stalker exactly who attended the latest conferences.

The guy holds Lumen off and you can actually starts to choke living aside from this lady

Leaving Lumen throughout the vehicle, Dexter getaways to the Cole’s house and you may finds a photo out of an effective group of five men. Our house alarm goes of while the Lumen looks without warning and you can beats the latest crap off Cole with a flashlight. Both avoid prior to Cole regains understanding and you may understands her or him.

Quickly, Cole symptoms him away from at the rear of

During a rest into the Jordan’s meeting, Dexter will get a call away from Lumen. She has not found a connection between the 5 males regarding the photos, however, did discover that Cole was an old Marine, dishonorably released to possess beating-up a police officer. Lumen claims Cole was harmful, and you can he’s the one who kept the brand new scratches on her behalf straight back.

Lumen’s ex-bride, Owen, instantly happens when you look at the Miami and you will phone calls the lady. A day later, it fulfill during the an eatery; as he hugs the girl, she cringes. According to him she appears stunning and requires when the she actually is came across anyone otherwise, which she rejects. The 2 speak getting some time about their early in the day when you look at the Minneapolis, and then he requires this lady to go with your to the a travel worldwide. Whenever Lumen expresses resistance, he says to think about they and tell him the woman decision the next evening. Yet not, whenever Lumen never ever comes up, the guy tears upwards the girl plane violation and you may makes Miami.

Dexter books the resort space next to Cole’s and provide Lumen a listing of supplies to have to grab: duct tape, polyethylene sheeting, and you can trash bags. If you are this woman is shopping, Stan Liddy causes these to has actually a car wreck therefore he could receive their guidance.

Lumen will bring the supplies for the hotel, and she facilitate Dexter coverage the space inside synthetic. That nights, Dexter and you will Lumen wait a little for Cole to return so you can their area, which is alongside theirs. Dexter intends to ambush your and inject your with M99. not, when a lady starts yelling within the Cole’s space, Dexter takes on the fresh terrible. Dexter is actually annoyed he need to hold back until the next day in order to eliminate Cole. Your ex screams trigger Lumen to fund the woman ears, if you find yourself reliving the woman nightmarish experience. Dexter attempts to spirits the girl, and you can she finally rests for a few hours.

A day later, just before Dexter grabs Cole, Michael jordan calls your abreast of phase while in the a workshop to generally share just how he sensed whenever Rita try slain. If you are he or she is performing this, Cole locations Lumen in the lobby and » alt= »meilleurs sites de rencontre pour adultes »> happens immediately following the woman. Lumen messages Dexter, operates back to their space, and you can locks the doorway. Unexpectedly, Cole busts from the hooking up doorway. Only in time, Dexter intervenes and puts Cole when you look at the a good sleeper keep, rendering him involuntary.

Whenever Cole wakes up, they are wrapped in vinyl and you may able to the destroy. He refuses to tell them new brands of your kept rapists. Instead, Cole smirks and you may mumbles, « Huey, Dewey, and Louie. » Dexter forces Cole to consider pictures of the Barrel Female in advance of he incisions their cheek to get a blood trophy. Because the Dexter retains his knife significantly more than Cole, Lumen nods. Then, given that she observe, Dexter stabs Cole within his cardiovascular system.

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