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At the time of matrimony, a wedding meal is organized because of the groom’s mothers

At the time of matrimony, a wedding meal is organized because of the groom’s mothers

Turkmen Marriage party

Sheep otherwise goats is actually slb soups. Most other food try served. Anybody moving to an electronic digital band playing traditional Turkmen songs which have a great disco defeat and you can sing old-fashioned audio with painters. After-dinner the fresh loved ones hop out. The newest groom boasts one or two witnesses and you can good mullah just who works the wedding ceremony.

Gurbanjemal lliyasova and you can Amangul Karrieva penned to your turkmenhost: “ In some Turkmen countries, instance Kazanjuk, the fiance goes into our home of this lady coming neighbours when she first gets to their brand new home. This can be an indication of common respect. The determine away from Uzbek and Karakalpak traditions with the Dashhowuz Turkmens was obvious if the toast master otherwise other people recites passages for the behalf of one’s bride-to-be.

‘All of our greetings in order to dad-in-rules, / Exactly who plant the fresh new sweetest melons, And makes stumps getting firewood. The greetings to mom-in-laws, / Just who wears boots in place of tops(Shoes), Rather than sleeps home (Constantly busy). The greetings to help you daddy, / That is pleased with his grandson, And you will wears another don (National Turkmen gown) All of our greetings to our sisters-in-legislation, / No function better bred as compared to khar’s daughter, And you can wear outfits with pearl embroidery.’ [Source: Gurbanjemal lliyasova and Amangul Karrieva, turkmenhost |]

“After each verse, the latest fiance bows on the waist, because a great token out of value and you may a way of welcome men and women. In the event that she failed to accomplish that, the newest customers do end up being damage. Although not it lifestyle isn’t seen of the majority of Turkmens. Various rites throughout the some other aspects of the world are grounded on ancient way of life. |

“An excellent Turkmen wedding wouldn’t be over without having any prominent songs off hagshis, and you will preferred games. Altyn gabak is when the players capture within a little fantastic pumpkin. Yaglyga towusmak is actually a-game where somebody compete to see just who is also catch your hands on a great shawl otherwise kerchief, frozen chock-full of the air. Horse racing, wrestling, canine and you can manhood battles, camel fights had been every accomplished for this new recreation of wedding customers.” |

Turkmen Relationship Tunes

Gurbanjemal lliyasova and you may Amangul Karrieva published toward turkmenhost: “The wedding life was followed by tunes, entitled ‘toi aydymlary’. ‘Toi’ identifies people festive celebration, but in this framework it relates specifically to a married relationship celebration. ‘Aydymlary’ is the Turkmen term to have tunes. Although these types of tunes will vary according to part of the nation where he or she is sung, all of them show a common Turkmen view of the country. Services instance determination and you can endurance, and you can a homage to possess national life are common themes.” [Source: Gurbanjemal lliyasova and Amangul Karrieva, turkmenhost |]

Antique games and way of life provided topic towards the marriage sounds. “That goes: A bay pony try galloped, yar-yar, / From the a married relationship people yar-yar, /The newest man exactly who fell in love with that it / Will undoubtedly be accepted, yar-yar.” Another song is sung because of the women’s aunt if the go out will come to your bride to exit the lady parent’s domestic: “Chuval (a rug) are pass on in the home, / The house are deserted, yar-yar,/ With different snacks involved, / My personal express is abandoned, yar-yar.” |

“A bride are sorrowful when it comes time t exit their adult domestic for ever. Hence, toi idymlary, sung as a girl is going to embark on yet another phase of her lives, echo the latest grief she seems throughout the training those of now into the, she’s going to seldom see the woman family and you may woman family. The wedding songs embrace an array of templates out of sad to help you comic.” One of these goes: We shall cure your having long spaghetti, / Delight, taste him or her all of our matchmakers, / We will give you a change to race an enthusiastic ant, / Delight make an effort to trip it, yar-yar.” The absolute most entertaining audio are sung if loved ones of bridegroom arrive at escort the new bride to be into the domestic from their husband to be. The brand new family unit members of groom and bride make fun of for each almost every other during the tunes which have lines for example “It is typical to help you supplement the young son, yar-yar, / It’s normal to make aside their friends, yar-yar.” |

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